Move it or lose it...

Moxie Moves is low impact fun fitness program for seniors and the disable. Depending on who’s in class, we may use chairs for our workout or no chairs. A Moxie Moves fitness session is no ordinary exercise session . Our exercise session turns into a dance party!! Mica will travel to your Assisted living, Rehab Center or Senior Center.

Studies shows that exercise helps Lowers your risk for a variety of conditions, including Alzheimer’s and dementia, heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, high blood pressure, and obesity. When seniors exercise regularly it will help improve stamina and strength! Exercise also helps prevent loss of body mass . Low body mass causes osteoporosis! Exercising helps improve balance which helps prevents falls! Our Brain exercises that we offer helps keep our seniors brains active. When senior brains are kept active this will help lessen the rise of dementia or Alzheimer’s challenging games may make seniors less likely to develop brain plaques indicative of Alzheimer’s disease.

Benefits of MoxieMoves

• Improves Immune Function

• Improves Bone Density/Osteoporosis

• Helps the Cardio-Respiratory and Cardiovascular Function

• Helps Gastrointestinal Function

• Improves Chronic Conditions and Cancer